Sunday, 17 February 2019

Hello Everyone,
A short week but yet so productive. Take a peek!
I hope your child has been telling you about the rich discussions we have during our math talks. The purpose of these 10 minute mini lessons is to uncover the many strategies that are used to solve math problems mentally, to gain practice in explaining and defending one's thinking, to make mistakes, realize how the mistake was made, then attempt to fix the mistake and to check for the reasonableness of an answer. WOW!
Here, I asked the class to estimate how much money they thought I was holding. Lots of great discussion on how they attempted to estimate the amount by using information they already knew. For example, no student predicted a value less than $2.00. Why? Answer: " I know that you already have 2 loonies because of the difference in colour and I see some coins that are large so I think they are quarters and I see some that are smaller but not too small so I think they are nickels there too.
A great example of working on critical thinking skills.

In Math, we have moved from money to creating and extending various patterns. Ask your child what are other words used instead of the word orientation for a pattern attribute.

We are still working on QAR in Language. We are practising how to answer our questions with evidence from the text or our own personal connections to support our answers.

  • See and sign report cards that went home on February 13th
  • See note about upcoming student led conferences that was in report card envelope
  • Family Dance at Frank Ryan on Friday February 22nd. Yellow note went home last week.
  • Last day to order pizza or Subway lunch on-line is February 21st
  • French pathway form is due March 7th

Sunday, 10 February 2019

Hello everyone,
Another great week was had by all. Take a look!
 Our  February bulletin board focus is how to show love at school and at home. Ask your child what they wrote on their heart and challenge them to commit to what they wrote down.

 In Language, we started our QAR unit. We have explored the differences between the 4 different types of questions. Next week, we will look at examples of each type of question and how to answer these types of questions with grade appropriate detail. Ask your child what is the easiest question to answer and, more importantly, why is it so easy to answer?

 In Music, the students jammed out with the ukuleles. We have some budding musicians in our midsts. They learned about the different strings, how to thumb strum and how to create different sounds by placing certain fingers on certain frets on the neck of the ukulele. Ask your child why is it easier to sit than to stand to play this instrument?

 The class took their everyday environment and turned it into a science experiment. As you can see on the top of this photo, our schoolyard was too dangerous for students to play in even though the temperature was above our -25 C benchmark.  Icy surface with no sand or salt would have little friction. We extended this thought to the hill. Ask your child who went down the hill faster and longer-- the child on the large plastic garbage bag or the child on the old towel and why?

Again, for Science we experimented with magnetic force. Ask your child what needs to happen for magnets to repel one another and what is needed for magnets to be attracted  to one another?

Image result for report card image

The Gr 6 students will be selling raffle tickets
this week for a basket of craft supplies or
the Candy Guess. All tickets are .25¢ or 5 for $1.00
Proceeds go to supporting the Gr.6 End of Year Trip.
Draw will take place Wed. Feb 13th, end of day.
A few things to remember....
  • Please see and sign report cards and return the bottom portion of page 4 to school.
  • French Pathway forms are due to the school by March 7th.
  • Pizza and Subway lunches can be ordered on-line until Feb. 21st
  • Friday February 15th is a PD Day   No school
  • Monday February 18th is Family Day  No school
  • St. Rita School Dance is February 22nd at Frank Ryan School. Advertisement to come soon

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Come and take a look at all the happenings in our classroom.
In Math, the class has been working diligently to recognize the value of Canadian coins and bills and practising how to count it up to a $10 value.

 In the photo above, you can see a demonstration of 2 different ways students are counting money. One is to group the money amounts into common numbers that are easier to mentally count. The other is to keep a mental running total of the money being asked to count by crossing off which ones have already been counted. Ask your child which is the method they prefer to count money then practice it with them.
In the photo above you can see examples of how we continued to practice counting money. Some enjoyed one way over another.

In the photo above you can see how students are expected to take the knowledge they have of money and apply it to another part of the question to challenge their problem solving skills.

In Science, the class was exposed to four common types of forces. The weather interfered with our experiments this past week but I hope to be able to reinforce these concepts with more experiments this upcoming week. Ask your child what we were supposed to do outside last week in Science and what was the purpose of it.

We have taken a giant leap into music. Listen to our budding musicians and see if you can recognize the song. Ask your child what family of instruments our boomwhackers fit into and more importantly, why?

A few things to remember.....
 2nd term pizza orders can be ordered on-line. last day to order is Thursday February 21st, 2019

Please look for this in your child's agenda on monday February 4th. This is a document explaining the different pathways your child could possibly take next year in Grade 4.

Friday, 25 January 2019

Hello everyone,
Even with 2 snow days and a PD Day to round out the week, our class still managed to get some good quality learning in.

In Math, we shifted our focus to money. Because we lost some math time blocks due to the snow days, our class will jump right into working toward the grade 3 expectation of counting and representing the value of a collection of coins and bills up to $10; and adding and subtracting money amounts to make simulated purchases and change for amounts up to $10.

We have moved onto Media Literacy in Language. The students already seem to be very media literate and realize all the techniques used by advertisers to get someone to buy a product.

Here, the students were experimenting with gravity for our Science unit called Forces and Motion. Most students predicted the book would fall faster than the paper to the ground but they were challenged to come up with the explanation of why the paper moved side to side but the book fell straight down. They also experimented with putting the paper right on the book and dropping them together. Ask your child what happened, but more importantly, get your child to explain why that observation happened. We have many budding scientists in our midst.

Our class moved over 100 marbles once again. This time, the students chose to have a "fun block" which consisted of a dance party and a board game block. A good time was had by all!

A few things to remember......
*Pizza/Subway orders for March to June is available to do on-line on Friday February 1st.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Hello everyone,
Take a look at what we've been doing in our class.
In Math, our class has spent a lot of time practising the skill of telling time.
 Ask your child what steps were needed to play this time game. This way you get to see your child apply their procedural text skills as well.

Here, students had to correctly answer a time question in order to receive a clipboard to answer the time questions that were posted in the hallway. (Thanks to Mrs. G for showing us this activity!)
 Our class will be having a formal assessment this week on time before we move onto money this week.

We are also wrapping up our unit on procedural writing and moving onto a Media Literacy unit in Language. The focus for this unit will be on what techniques are used in print and digital media to attract a specific audience. I hope you had a chance to look at your child's procedural text on how to visit this blog. I sent them home last Thursday. I think the students are going to be faced with a challenge to be able to explain what the purpose of media literacy is. So far, each unit we've explored really only had one main purpose. Ask your child what P, I  and E stand for.

Ask your child what game was played in gym is this photo.  Ask them to explain how the fourth person on the team plays when there is only 3 markers per team.

A few things to remember.......

  • -25°C is the benchmark set for children to stay inside at recess
  • P.D. Day this Friday January 25th. No school

Monday, 14 January 2019

                                                        H A P P Y  N E W   Y E A R
Ask your child what their New year's resolution is?

We wasted no time!
In Math, the class has been practising how to tell time to the nearest five minutes. Together, we constructed a class clock to familiarize ourselves with the hour and minute hand and some common times such as quarter past the hour and quarter to the hour.

The students practised telling time by doing worksheets, by playing time games and by challenging themselves on websites about time on the internet.

With the cold temperatures this week, it was a no brainer to introduce temperature. We answered the question of what the "whir" sound was in our classroom? Our classroom furnace ran all day on Thursday and Friday!
 We explored common temperature benchmarks. Ms. Natalie was brave enough to go outside on Friday to show the kids, who were looking through the window, what happens when boiling water hits freezing cold air.

Our unit of study in Language is procedural text. The students seem to have a really good foundation of this.
 We did a shared procedural text together. We used one of our very own student as a model for the photos! Ask your child who the lucky student was.

The class had plenty of practice looking at examples of procedural texts. Here, the students used the guided reading book we all read on origami to create their very own frogs by following the steps in the book.

 Here, the students made airplanes by following procedural text that used primarily diagrams.

In Science, the students started a new unit on Forces and Motion. We managed to use procedural text here in Science to create our marshmallow launchers. This experiment showed us how a push and/or  a pull  is the basis for all force and motion. Take a look at the students trying to shield themselves from the marshmallows coming their way!

Ask your child why they were on the floor in the gym in this photo.

Things to remember.....

  • New Year Mass this Wed. January 16th at 1:30 pm. All are welcome.
  • P.D. Day on January 25th
  • Hold the dates: Swim to Survive for our class is March 20th, March 27th and April 3rd
  • Please continue to check and initial agendas daily 
  • Please continue to review homework with your child and review and sign assessments that come home in that book.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Last post until the New Year!
I hope you enjoy the next two weeks of well deserved holidays with your family. In case there are moments of "I'm bored" by your child, I have listed a few things your child can do which would serve as a review. 

  • Know how to spell all the w.w.w. 
  • Find words that rhyme with the www (spelling patterns)
  • Spell the days of the week (half our class doesn't know how to spell Wednesday)
  • Spell the months of the year (many get the French and English spelling mixed up)
  • Practise adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers
  • Look around your environment and identify 3D solids
  • Review what you know about telling time on an analogue clock  (doing this when we come back)
  • Observe the daily temperature and notice what changes when it changes by a few degrees
  • Go on Raz Kids (remember your log ins are attached to the back of your agenda
  • Learn a new prayer (your agenda is filled with traditional prayers)
  • Count money amounts

The list is endless.......but most importantly...relax, spend time with your family and have a very Merry Christmas.

Hello Everyone, A short week but yet so productive. Take a peek! I hope your child has been telling you about the rich discussions we ha...